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I know little of who you are yet

I care deeply that you are who you are

To the fullest capacity of your being so

Be brave in your pursuit of your loving intentions.


Know that all you long for is already inside of you

Your power is your will, it is your guide

Fear only the fear that prevents you from being here

In this moment, alive in your breath, aware in your body

And responsible for every thought, word, action and deed


See your highest path and believe in it

Your history, your training, your habits

Are what block the way to embracing your freedom

These beliefs are powerless over you

Shed them easily like leaves in an autumn breeze


The past holds onto us like it is today

We can choose to observe and release it

And step into the newness of NOW

Or cry in the wake of an old idea

Where pain is born by the thoughts in your head


A choice is made…..


And as I stand here… I still know little of who you are… yet

I care deeply for you in your choice

Of being present in this moment alone

Sublimely rich in the fullness of

……… Your being….enfolding in the fullness of mine


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