"If you don't step across the threshold of what you already know, into the world of challenges and what you don't know, you never truly measure yourself."



Advocate. Activist. Author.

Mariel Hemingway is a health advocate who has spent a lifetime studying how mental and physical health are linked. Her work is focused on what to do to transform negative messages and influences into healing that becomes radiant energy, full of purpose and balance. She is an author, film/television producer and unstoppable voice in the ever changing conversation around living a healthier, more meaningful life.

“My mission is to bring a hopeful, accessible message to every corner of the world.”

Mariel’s Story

From loss to love, a relatable journey.


How to eat, move and create a practice –
they’re all here.

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Mariel travels all over the world sharing her story of mental and physical health, with a message of hope, truth and possibility.

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“Take a Breath with Mariel”
is in development!

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