Where is LOVE?

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In sweet summer woods before hot sun overwhelms you

In the whisper of a breeze that cools you

On bright sunny mornings cloudless honest silent & alone


In my lovers eyes when he hears a song that reminds him of why we didn’t meet before

In knowing that the pain will always go away no matter how hard you try to make it stay

In a hug that could not have come at a better time



In the moments you watch your kitty with his head upside down after a night of carousing

When your dog licks you even though you left him inside all day long

In the hummingbirds march to find nectar in an empty feeder you scramble to fill


When the ocean is so cold you scream with excitement over the energy it gifts you

Early morning cold, quiet and new

Twilight on the edge of a cliff waiting for the stars to brighten


A cup of tea on the porch before the sun rises over the mountains

The rush of feeling that sun brings as it hits your eyes

Jasmine when you cannot see the plant itself


LOVE is feeling all things fully

LOVE is awareness

LOVE is in the moments between thoughts

LOVE is endless


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